A Wedding and A Monogram

This past weekend I got to take a little trip to spend time with family and attend the wedding of my cousin. 

Here's the happy couple.

Their special day began with a beautiful ceremony here: 

The bride called me a few months ago to ask for my ideas and help with the reception.  Since I'm the vinyl decal queen, that's quickly where my thoughts turned.  I designed the cute couple a monogram and then stuck it everywhere.  Here it is on the chapel doors.
 I wish my pictures were better but the evening reception lighting was all I had to work with.
 Lighting the way to these doors, were a row of lumiares.  I couldn't get enough of the snow.  It's a rare treat for a southern girl like me.

Once inside, a row of bow hung engagement photos greeted the guests.

Then the sweetest little table beckoned guest to pause and jote down a note for the new couple.
Is that not the greatest guest book ever!?
And of course, the monogram popped up again.

And again!
I also used it on the dance floor

 And surrounded it with some scattered snowflakes.  The littlest guests had such a fun time hopping from flake to flake.
 You have to see her cake and it's carraige
 And the milk and cookie buffet
 We made these poof balls the day before out of tissue paper.  An inexpensive touch of softness.

 And last but not least, I couldn't leave the centerpieces out.  They got a monogram treatment of their own. 

And that in a nutshell was my sweet cousins wedding.  Soooo glad I got to be a part of it.


  1. WOW... you did such an amazing job! I bet your cousin was thrilled with your additions to her lovely reception! Thanks for sharing... you never know when ones only son will pop the question and I will be ready with ideas for the sweet bride to be... Merry Christmas!

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