Peace on Earth Garland tutorial

This little Garland has been adorning my mantel this holiday season.  I wanted to share a tutorial on its creation.

It all began with the lovely tinsel & twig paper collection by The Girls' Paperie
I modge podged swatches of the paper onto 2" square chip board
Each square was then hole punched in the top corners.  
I created some vinyl letters for myself and rubbed them on.  Then, I strung the decorated chip board on some ribbon.
The paper flowers were made using 12 strips of 4" by 1/5" paper.
Each was folded and scotch taped at the end.  Then a little hot glue connected them all at the center.  I glued together a set of six at a time and then connected the two halves.  The centers were pre-made dimensional stickers from the twig and tinsel paper collection. But, you could probably substitute buttons, flowers, etc.
The flowers got a couple of hole-punches too and slid up next to the chipboard.
The whole garland was lite enough to tape up with scotch tape.
Here's to much, much more Peace on Earth!

I just might link up to a couple of these parties:

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