Do not Disturb please!

A friend of mine came to me the other day with a little dilemma.  Her husband, who works from home on a regular basis was tired of being interrupted at the most inopportune moments by his sweet but talkative daughters.  A little creativity sparked the idea for a sign on their home office door that explained..."I'm on the phone right now, so don't bug me" on one side, and on the other  side..."I'm working but if you need something, it's ok to come in and ask me".  What a mouthful, right?   I wished I had a picture of the original hand-drawn sign that her girls came up with.  It was seriously precious (complete with illustrations), although maybe a bit on the tacky side.  My friend wanted to surprise her husband with something a little more permanent and succinct that could take the place of her daughter's 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper.  Here's what I came up with...

A two sided board for the door knob.  One side reads...

And the other side looks like this...

Hopefully this will simplify their family's life.  They've got such a fun family.  Maybe it could even benefit a family you know.  I made an extra just in case.   It will show up in my etsy shop soon.

Will you be mine?

Hi there all you lovers out there!With valentines day right around the corner, I thought it was finally time for me to give cupid a nod and share my valentines decor.  Wish I would have posted this earlier right?  Better late than never.
A little LOVE for the Mantel
And for the Kitchen window.
Look at how frosty its been outside that window!  I know its pathetic compared to the entire Northern 2/3 of the United States, but for San Antonio, this is down right shocking!

Seriously!  It required a work at home day...
LOVE it when he gets to work from home!

And it needed a cinnamon roll with hot chocolate breakfast to take off the chill.  Yum!

Just look at all that winter gear drying on my impromptu clothesline.  Dripping from a morning trying to make snowballs.  I say trying because the success rate was limited.
But, it did put me in the mood to create a bunch of these.

I've been giving them out to happy teachers and friends all week.

And I finally got around to printing off this.

Isn't it amazing?  It's a free printable from here.  She did a Christmas one too that I had Costco print out at the same time.  I'm storing it behind the valentines one in the same frame.  I really, really hope she has time to do them for every holiday this year.  Wouldn't that be fantastic!

Next to it I filled my bubbly cloche with LOVE.

I just LOVE that cloche.  I scored it at the Pottery Barn outlet for $4!  

Those letters are propped up using a little votive holder and some strategically placed scotch tape.

Another cold winter years ago prompted me to stitch these.

Super cheap to make and super good for stress relief.  I seem to always have an ongoing stitching project or two.

Hope you all have a lovely valentines days followed shortly by some lovely weather!