Wall Monograms

Introducing one of the newest trends in vinyl wall art... Personalized monograms. I added this one to my son's room earlier this week. Isn't it sweet!? It measures approximately two feet across.

Fridge Art

I'm in the habit of turning my fridge into a masterpiece showcase. Usually it's my kids artworks. But, I thought this idea was a little more sophisticated and clean. It could just as easily be used to display your last name and then be a space for displaying family pictures. This vinyl applique comes in a two piece set.  I've used black but, any color would do.


It's official, my baby Easton is here and doing well. We love him to pieces but sometimes wish he would sleep a little more. Thank goodness for binkies.
My only issues with the beloved pacifier are not being able to find one when you need it and not having a sanitary place to store them. To solve our frustration, I created this binky jar. I just used a jar I already had on hand and added the lettering. If you'd like, I could create this lettering in any color for your own container.

Thanks for all the well wishes and hope your lives are as fun as mine.