I went a little crazy at the after Christmas sales.  Soooo many good deals.

My number one after Christmas shopping tip is to buy next year's wrapping paper at World Market.  They always mark their wrapping paper down by 75%.  That's a bit better than the 50% off that most stores offer.  And furthermore...their wrapping paper is THE BEST. We're talking big rolls of thick, gorgeous paper.  I get asked every year where I get my cute paper and well, there you have it.

After my little shopping spree.  I came home and picked these from my garden.

I live in THE STRANGEST place.  Seriously, it's almost January and I'm getting bushels of tomatoes.  Last week I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce with them.  Anyone know a good salsa recipe!?  

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  1. I love World Market! thanks for the tip:) I have the BEST no cook Salsa Recipe and its so easy!!
    Hot Sauce
    1 can Tomato Sauce
    3 green onions (scallions) or 1 thin slice reg onion. (i usually use reg onion just because i always have them)
    1 Clove Garlic
    1/2 the juice of a Lemon
    3 or more Jalapenos ( i only use 1 cause i don't like it 2 hot! but start small you can always add more:))
    Toss this all into a blender and blend it up
    Then add 4-5 Tomatoes
    Pulse until blended
    Add salt to taste.
    Trust me this will become a family favorite! EnJOY!