September Wreath

The absolute longest month of the year for me is September.  The kids are back in school and our summer adventures are behind us.  Thus, I start looking forward to cooler weather and pumpkins.  But, the reality in southern Texas is, it's still summer.  Sweltering, humid, the swimming pool feels like bath water, summer.  A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling especially trunky for fall.  Seeing that it was approximately 103 degrees outside, I had two options.  Either, feel really sorry for myself, or turn the A.C. low, light a spicy candle and craft me up some autumn.

I chose option 2.
 My first project (of several to be revealed later) was this lovely burlap wreath. 
Burlap wreaths seem to be on every crafters to do list this fall.  Since I had yet to make one, I decided to join the burlap train.  It helped that Hobby Lobby had a display of needed materials staring at me right as I walked in the door.
There are tons of online tutorials that I perused to get me started.  But, I tweaked mine just a bit to add a little versatility to my wreath.  As I was about to hot glue my "S" to the wreath (making it a permanent situation)  I thought to myself, I've got some extra pipe cleaners here, why don't I use those instead.
It just took a staple gun, a couple of well situated pipe cleaners, and a few seconds to stick that bad boy on.  I also attached my big floppy green bow (actually a cheap scarf) using another pipe cleaner.  Now I have the option of mixing things up in a couple of months.  I'm thinking some indian corn for thanksgiving, a wooden snowflake for January, a pink polka dot bow and heart for get the point.
Don't worry, I didn't forget about October and December.  It's just that those months are so special to me that they warrant their very own wreaths entirely.  Of course, this burlap confection would look pretty snazzy with a pumpkin or winter greenery attached too.
Now my front porch is slightly prepared for cooler weather, even if its months before we see any.