We believe!

Like many people,I hold my beliefs close to my heart. I believe in all kinds of things.  I believe in God, I believe in families, I believe in my kids, I could go on and on.  When I saw the LDS young Women's theme for 2011, I knew I wanted it displayed in my house.  Here it is in abbreviated form:

This sentiment is like a little daily reminder of those beliefs. Every time I see it, I feel blessed for my beliefs and my hopes.  In case you're getting sentimental the way I did when I first saw this, I am offering the vinyl decal to make your own little reminder in my ETSY shop.  My decal measures 3" tall by 11" wide. It fits perfectly on a 4" by 12" block of wood or tile.  To learn more about what I believe, click here.  I'm so grateful to have these beliefs to hold onto because simply said, life is hard and we all need a little hope!

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  1. I love this simple saying. We are so blessed for the things we have, im so greatful to have the Gospel in my life. I think sometimes we do forget how blessed we really are.
    Merry Christmas!