Little Debbie knock offs

Yesterday my eldest son got into the car after church, bragging that he got 3 Christmas tree shaped brownies in his Primary class (our church's name for children's Sunday school).  Three brownies of the Little Debbie variety and he ate them all up!  I know, disgusting on several levels.  Needless to say, he didn't each much lunch.  But, this left my four year old green with envy.  Never mind that his teacher showered his class that week with three adorable crafts.  When you're a four year old little boy, tummies are very, very important to you.  So, he asked me in a very sweet voice if we could make Christmas tree brownies when we got home.  My thoughts immediately turned to the six dozen cookies and three loaves of banana bread I'd made just days before. Do we really need brownies too!  But, that voice was so sweet and it rarely is used in such a polite way and so, I gave in and said yes.  He had to drag me from my nap to do it.  I said I was so tired, but again he wooed me by saying it wouldn't be hard.  I could just get the ingredients out and he'd put them in and do the rest.  What a sweet boy!  So off to the kitchen aid we went and made one SMALL pan of brownies from scratch.  Lucky for me, there was extra frosting already in the fridge left over from last week's cookie marathon.  And thus, surprisingly, it really wasn't hard at all.  

They turned out pretty cute don't you think?

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