Spring Fever

We've had some gorgeous weather lately and it's put me in the mood for some bright spring time decor.  I'm thinking grass green, sunny yellow, and aqua blue.  I've added a couple of signs to my etsy shop for celebrating spring holidays.
This one is cause I'm feeling so lucky these days.
With Easter right on the tails of Saint Patty's day, I couldn't leave it out.
I just love that little bunny.
I saved one for myself to put on my mantel.
Hope spring weather comes your way soon.



Peanut Butter Frosting

Last week my oldest entered the realm of the double digits.  I now have a 10 year old.  I'd prefer he not keep getting older.  But, since he did anyway, we celebrated with cake.  A Reese's cake.  His favorite.  

It was a very simple, two layer 8" round cake.  Reese's miniatures circled the base and Reese's pieces were piled on top.

Please ignore the mess of frosting.  I'm sure you could do better.

He made a special request for peanut butter frosting.  I had never made peanut butter frosting before, but was sure that it could be done.  I must admit, I was not super excited about peanut butter frosting.  But, I soon discovered, peanut butter frosting is GOOD.  Lick the bowl with your finger good.  

So, in case you have a Reese's lover in your life... here's a delicious way to celebrate them.

Peanut Butter Frosting:
1/2 cup butter
1 cup peanut butter
4 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup to 1/2 cup milk (till you get a spreadable consistency)
1 teas vanilla

Whisk it all together in your kitchen aid (at least that's what I do).  And try not to eat it all before you frost your cake.



Piccadilly Pico

We pretty much live in the birth place of Tex Mex.  And thus have been spoiled with some pretty amazing food.  One of my favoritest inventions ever has to be Pico De Gallo.  It's pretty much a cross between salsa and salad.  We can get it fresh in all the grocery stores around here.  But you end up paying a pretty penny for a tiny container.  I've tried chopping up my own by hand, but don't have the time or patience to go that route very often.

Fortunately, my taste buds have been saved!  My cute husband bought me a food processor for Christmas.  I just may have hinted a few times and even circled the ad and taped it to his forehead   But, that's besides the point.  Anyways, it turns out that food processors and fabulous for making mouth watering pico.  So here is a little recipe for all my peeps:

Piccadilly Pico
Ingredient round up:
8 Roma Tomatoes
1 small bunch of cilantro
1 1/2 teas salt

1 teas minced garlic
1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice

Basically, you just dump it all in your food processor and pulse.  Couldn't be easier!  I do like to twist off the largest stems from my cilantro bunch, and wash it of course.  In fact, wash all that produce, for good measure.  Also, I like to add my tomatoes and onions last so they stay a little chunky.  
Be sure not to leave on the food processor too long or it quickly turns to mush.  I know from sad experience.
Sometimes I use fresh garlic and lemon juice, and sometimes I cheat and use the prepared kind.  It's all good.

Now go make yourself some fajitas or grab a bag of chips, and enjoy!



Valentines Day Recap

Valentines day this year was a sweet success!
Ok, maybe actually a little too sweet.  I sort of need to detox from all the sugar this week!
 Breakfast may or may not have consisted of Chocolate covered strawberries...just saying.
A couple of week before the big day, I sprung out my love decor.
My valentines day decorations are a little sparse, but I have collected a few little things over the years.

This sat in my office all month long.  The calendar was hand made for me for Christmas.  Seriously the best present ever!  Each month is designed with a hand print picture.  I'll treasure it for always!
This is a terrible picture, but I Love this little paper garland.  Sorry for the dumb pun!
We were excited to find a few valentine card in the mail and added them to our mantel.

 The boys took these homemade valentines to school.  I'm pretty sure hardly any of their classmates got the Bruno Mars reference.  But, it amused me.  I'm easily amused.

 And since I have a house full of boys who aren't really into valentines.  We exchanged lego mini figures this year.  Oh yes, and candy...way too much candy.
I'm going to go eat some chocolate now.



Starving Artist Party

A few months ago, my sister in law invited us over for her 7 year old's birthday party.  She hosted the cutest, most colorful party I have ever attended.  I went crazy snapping photos and just realized that I never shared them with you.  I can't take credit for all her awesomeness, but it was too good not to share.

Introducing...Jen's starving artist party!
It was hosted entirely in her back-yard.
rainbow hued streamers and balloons livened things up.
clear paint cans held some sweet treats.

As the kiddos arrived, she quickly got them busy with a little chalk art.
A game of four square also spontaneously erupted.
The chalk project got upscaled into a full blown sand art frenzey.

The kids made their own "sand" by rubbing chalk on piles of salt.

These were then layered into cute little jars.

Creating unique little souvenirs.


 It was hard work for our little artists, but they seemed to love every minute of it.
Next, came out the paint brushes.

What kid doesn't love to paint!?

Our hungry artists were then fed a rainbow salad. 
 and what every starving artist eats, pb&j!
Cake time came next.
One kid said it looked like a pile of snow.
But there was a surprise inside that white confection.
An entire Rainbow!
Look at those giant slices!  Every one just had to have the entire spectrum of colors.
Before the guests left, they each received, their own hand made star crayon.
 And a rice crispy treat paint brush.
Kids birthday parties are the best!