I just couldn't wait for October to start decorating my porch and these perfectly round pumpkins couldn't be passed up.  So I ended up with this trio.
I get asked a lot if I painted those pots - I did not, they are metal and came that color. They were left over from my sister's wedding, but were originally bought at Garden Ridge.  However, I'm sure that if you wanted some spooky pots, some spray paint could get you there easy enough.

When my son ran off the school bus today he started giggling.  I had no idea what was making him so giddy until he pointed to the "BOO".    Apparently vinyl decals can make a 7 year old boy giggle.  If you need a set of your own, feel free to visit my etsy shop.

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Everyone's favorite fall emblem - the pumpkin, has made his way onto my modge podged blocks.

The tallest block of the  bunch measures four inches high.

They've made their way into my Etsy shop.

Fall mantel

This weekend we spent our time here tubing the river.  It was the perfect last summer fling.
This morning I woke to heavy rains.  The break in the hot weather filled me with a hunger for fall.  So much so, that I pulled out our box of fall goodies and trimmed up the mantel.  Its still a little early, so I avoided halloween and thanksgiving specifics.  Here's what I came up with.
The wreath is one I made a couple years ago using berry garlands and a pre-made grapevine wreath.
I filled these with a layer of river rocks and then some fall foilage.  I LOVE the combo of smooth river rocks next to crunchy fall leaves.
A couple of signs came from my piccadilly collection.
These little acorns are the only new purchase this year.  They're from World Market.
And of course, the centerpiece is our picture of Jesus Christ.  Hopefully he'll help us remember to behave ourselves.

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My modgepodge marathon continues with this SPOOKY sign.  It's made from a 12" by 3.5" board painted black and of course, modge podged with scrapbook paper.
Then I added a dash of glitter to kick it up a notch.

I just love those creepy eyes.

And here's what my little guy found to do while I modge podged.

He's available to take home at my ETSY shop. (the sign, not the little guy)

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Boo Blocks

Any Follower of my blog probably knows about my addiction to modge podge. This week it took hold of me in a bad way.  Here's one of the projects I took it out on.
I used 3.5" wooden blocks and painted them black.  Then came my favorite modge podge and scrapbook paper.  And finally some vinyl letters.

Can't wait to decorate for halloween.

There's a couple of extra sets waiting in my Etsy shop to find a new home.

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