Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my readers!  Down here at Piccadilly headquarters, we've had lots of celebrating:

My munchkin is the one with the Yoda ears.

We've been visiting lots of friends and neighbors, bringing them Piccadilly signs and whatever fresh baked treats survived our hungry mouths.

My office has been bustling getting out Christmas orders.  This picture was taken at an unusually tidy moment.
We've had great times with our out-of-town visitors.
Gobbling lots of yummy food such as these reindeer pancakes (thanks pinterest)

And this Christmas feast.
There's been some pageantry.
And lots of gift giving.
And unfortunately, a fair bit of germ swapping.  Can't wait till I'm feeling a little better because I have a couple more Christmas crafts to work on before packing up my decorations next week.  It seems a little silly to make Christmas crafts after the holiday.  But, I'd love to get them finished up while I have the time so I can enjoy them stress free next year.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holidays!

A few of my favorite things

 It's a Christmas Miracle!  I'm finally updating my blog.  Of course, I finished this project six months ago, so I'm still officially a blogging slacker!

C'est la vie.  

Last summer we desperately needed to replace our saggy mattress.  Being the overachiever that I am, I decided to go ahead and revamp our entire master bedroom.  It was time.  Past time really.  Why oh why, do we mom's put our own rooms very last on the list of things to do?

Our room went from miscellaneous hand-me-down ally to my favorite room in the house.
 I seriously feel the urge to enter and rejuvenate every time I pass my bedroom door now.
Isn't our new bed luscious!?  It beckons me to nap in it way too much these days.
I just want to curl up with all those pillows.  I found the bedding through Ballard design.
These metal plaques from Hobby Lobby float above the chunky dental molding.

Before this chunky bed came home, I painted the walls Lyndhurst Castle Sand from Valspar at Lowes.
Enough about my love affair with the bed!  I'm also pretty enamored by this armoire set up.  The armoire is a hand-me-down from my parents.  But, I love it's shape and updated it with fresh paint and bin pulls.
Previously, the top of our armiore was a dust collecting pile of whatever.  Put now, it displays some of my favorite things.  A cute box from my cute Sis. in law.  "S" for our last name.  A jug of love notes to my main squeeze.  And a pop of my new favorite color, yellow.
 These fun frames used to have red and white mats.  But a few coats of paint updated them to match my new room.  I think they look even better with our engagement photos than before.  We look so young in those photos!
 My parents brought me this pot from one of their many adventures.  I love the textures in this thing!  I filled it with some botanicals from Hobby Lobby.
 Next to the bed, rest a couple of end tables.  Also hand-me downs from my parents but painted in the matching black.  

 A pair of mercury glass lamps with burlap shades balance the tables

While my son's artwork and Grandma's jewelry box grace the top.  I think of them every time I look here.
The wall opposite the amoire houses a cedar chest from my parents and some beautiful family photos.
The photo display was made possible by Rod Works.  Rod works is a Utah store with the cutest home decor.  They now sell online, yippee!
The curtains on our three windows came from World Market.  I thought seriously about making my own floaty tie top curtains.  But these were such a good price, I couldn't imagine why I'd want to do that to myself.
And finally, the wall opposite my bed.  Those french doors lead to our master bath.  A post for another day perhaps.  One where I've recently cleaned my bathroom!

I little wreath also hides in the corner of this wall.
I had so much fun creating this room for us.  I'm thrilled that my own room is finally a place that I love to be.  I hope each of you gets to have a happy place of your own!