Back to School!

Like the rest of the Texas, my boys went back to school yesterday.

My youngest was super excited about his new "school" shoes.  He was much less excited when he found out that his "school class" was the day care at my gym.  Its tough always being left behind as the youngest!

We gave their teachers polka-dotted hand sanitizer and wished them a happy and healthy new year.

Here's another teacher gift project I recently made thanks to the ideas of Pinterest.  I love these cracker jars that can be found at Walmart.  I think they come in three sizes.  They're so cute and pleasantly inexpensive.  My pantry is full of them.

Hoping this school year is a gem!

Wedding Gifts

Wedding Season appears to be in full tilt around us.  I have more than one friend out of town to visit matrimony bliss.  I never grow tired of weddings. 

 Even though, I am happily married with three sons (no daughters), and thus never expect to plan another wedding (unless I hit the jackpot and get a future daughter in law the begs me for my services...fingers crossed).  And yet, I could spend hours looking at wedding posts on Pinterest.  Picture after picture full of magic and whimsy.  There are some seriously talented brides-to-be out there. 

However, I am lucky enough to get to create custom wedding gifts from time to time.   A couple from this summer turned out well enough to share.  You've already had a sneak peak of the first one...but haven't been properly introduced.  I like to call this little gem, Mr. & Mrs. I love the fonts, simple with a hint of whimsy.

This one brings a lot more drama to the table with its satin bow and detailed monogram.
 It's large enough to be a statement piece on its own.  
 I'm loving the personalized detail.
Both signs will show up in my Etsy shop very soon.   Just in case you know a talented bride-to-be in your neck of the woods.  Wishing those couples a happily ever after!