Ribbon - my favorite

October is always a busy month for me and this one has definately been true to form.  I've seen soooo many cute halloween decor ideas this year but, who has the time for them all?  Yet, one idea jumped out at me from my PB kids catalog that even I had time to try. 

Mini Ribbon pumpkins:

All I needed was a bag of mini pumpkins from walmart.  My hot glue gun.  And some black ribbon from the stash.

I got so ribbon happy that I added some to a candle too. 

Both are now giving me something to smile about in the kitchen.

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I'll be linking up to a few of these parties.


  1. Came over from Metamorphasis Monday

    Very cute idea! Love that you used all different patterns of ribbon!


  2. What a simple and effective way to pretty those pumpkins up!

  3. Now these are soooooo NIFTY THRIFTY! I always looooove using ribbon from my huge supply...I have a ton of RIBBON!


  4. Love them! I saw you on Hope Studios Tutorial Tuesday. This gave me an idea for my dilemma. I painted faux pumpkins from Dollar Tree, but you can see around the middle of each one a line from the mold so I'm pulling out my ric-rac ribbon and putting them around the middle to cover up that bothersome line. Thanks for posting this,


  5. I just love those pumpkins!!!

  6. Hi, I saw your pumpkins featured on Coastal Charm. I just love these and the black and white ribbon is a perfect touch. The way you have them arranged in the vase is so cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. These little pumpkins are too cute! Too bad for me that Halloween is almost here or I would have ran out and bought all the things to make them. Me too! I love ribbons:)