Soccer season always keeps us on our toes.  I love to see my boys out there on the field, giggling while they chase the ball.  But, I'm often equally excited for the busy Saturdays to be over.  For our final game, my son was assigned the snack.  I wanted it to be a little extra special for their farewell efforts.  This idea came to me while making pumpkin sugar cookies last week.

They're made out of round sugar cookies, butter cream frosting, and chocolate chips.  Bet you're wondering how the chocolate chips transformed into that.  Well, I stuck a handful in a ziplock bag for 30 seconds.  Smooshed them around and then another 30 seconds of microwaving.  Then I snipped off a little corner and piped it on.  I used a soccer ball clipart image to help me with the vision.

They're weren't perfect but looked pretty much like soccer balls, so I felt successful.  The little soccer players sure weren't complaining!


  1. Awesome! We have soccer season too! It doesn't sound as busy as yours because our team and league doesn't travel.

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