I just couldn't wait for October to start decorating my porch and these perfectly round pumpkins couldn't be passed up.  So I ended up with this trio.
I get asked a lot if I painted those pots - I did not, they are metal and came that color. They were left over from my sister's wedding, but were originally bought at Garden Ridge.  However, I'm sure that if you wanted some spooky pots, some spray paint could get you there easy enough.

When my son ran off the school bus today he started giggling.  I had no idea what was making him so giddy until he pointed to the "BOO".    Apparently vinyl decals can make a 7 year old boy giggle.  If you need a set of your own, feel free to visit my etsy shop.

If I get around to it tonight, I just may link up to some of these parties.


  1. I love these pots! Such a cute way to display your pumpkins.

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  3. Super Cute! I just looove this time of year!

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