Girls camp projects

For the last couple of months I've been in Girl's Camp craft land.  Girl's camp is a yearly program done in our church for the young women ages 12-18.  They all camp together and have projects and experiences that help them form friendships and grow spiritually and emotionally.  We chose to do that this year during spring break cause it's so smoking hot here in the summer.  The weather in March was awesome and the camp was beautiful so I highly recommend it for all you southern gals.  I was asked a couple months ago to oversee the crafts for our girls at camp.  That meant I put together 10 crafts for almost 200 gals on the cheap - very cheap.  It was an insane couple of months with MANY trips to Hobby Lobby using that 40% off coupon.  I'm still tired from it all.  However, it went smoothly (for the most part) and I've even decided the ideas were worth sharing since they could be used for all kinds of crafty gatherings.

The first project I worked on were scrabble tile necklaces - here are the instructions I gave the girls:

Scrabble Tile necklaces
1.       Get a small paper plate and write your name and cabin on it.  This project requires some drying time and we need a safe place for everyone’s to dry.

2.       Choose one of the little square pictures on the photo paper and carefully cut it out.  We need all those pictures so don’t cut through anyone else’s!

 Spread a little modge podge on a scrabble tile.  Do this on the side you want covered up by your picture. 
 Center the picture on top and trim the edges using the exacto knife.  Only do this on top of the glass cutting map (we don’t want to ruin any tables!)  Please, please, be careful.  The exacto blade is extremely sharp.  If you don’t trust yourself, ask a leader to do it for you.

5.       Now apply modge podge to the top of your cute little picture and around the edges to seal everything up really well.
  After the modge podge has dried (this takes a few minutes) apply the glossy accents.  Start by making a border around the outside edges and then filling in the middle.  Don’t use too much or it will slide off the edges.  If you get a bubble in your glossy accents, you can use a straight pin to pull it out.
7.       Now we have to wait 24 hours for your tile to dry before we can glue on the bail- that’s the silver thing that holds your necklace chain or ribbon.

8.      Next day – now that your tile is dry, flip it over and apply a small amount of E-600 glue to the back, top, middle.  That’s to glue on your little silver bail.  Make sure you don’t glue in on upside down or backwards.


Choose a ribbon or cord to serve as your necklace chain.  It will be ready to wear as soon as the glue dries (about 24 hours).
 They turned out so cute and the girls loved them.  The images were ones I came up with using digital scrapbook elements in photoshop elements.  The scrapbook goodies mostly came from Creativity by Crystal.
Have fun crafting!

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