Let it Snow

Growing up in the south, one learns just how magical snow is.  We hoped and prayed for the elusive stuff every time a northern front moved our direction.  On the rare occasion flakes started falling, we'd scuttel outside as fast as we could to soak it up because you never knew how long those flakes would last.

Such was the inspiration for this craft.  The creation process was very similar to how I made the JOY blocks earlier in the month except I stained the blocks rather than painting them.

Just for an extra measure of whimsy, I sprinkled some glitter on one of the sets when the modge podge was still wet. 

Maybe putting these on the mantel will bring us a snow day next winter - one can only hope!
If you're interested, I am going to be selling a couple sets of these over at my Etsy Shop.
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  1. Super cute! Oh how I wish it would snow here in Texas every year! We actually got some last year. Every person in my neighborhood had a snow man! LOL Great job on your blocks!

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  3. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  4. Oh, you did it again! I love these!
    And yes, LET IT SNOW, I am sick of the heat!

  5. We get NO snow here in Phoenix Arizona! I need these blocks to remind me of what snow is! LOL Cute blog! I am your newest follower! :)

  6. Cute!!! I would love snow right now!!

  7. You are so talented... I love you blog and your work... my dad always says... snow is a 4-letter word.. lol. Vicki