Alex inspired Artwork

Hurricane Alex has brought us some very tropical weather the past couple of days.  We've been staying snuggled up indoors watching it through the windows.  There's nothing more inspiring to me than a good rainy day and a pile of craft supplies.  Here's my recent Alex inspired Artwork.

I already had the frames, recycled from some artwork that no longer worked in my new house.  Then,  while filling an order, I incorrectly printed a family tree decal, not once, but twice.  Sometimes my multi-tasking gets a little out of control.  I couldn't bear the sight of so much wasted vinyl and those lovely trees just couldn't be trashed.  That's when this project came to me. 

It was so simple to accomplish.  I simply modge podged scrapbook paper onto a couple of canvas panels and then rubbed on the trees.  Canvas panels are canvases that are completely flat, opposed to the ones wrapped on wood frames.  They're still sturdy and can be used with a variety of media, but are WAY easier to frame. 

I tore the paper at the horizon line to get an organic look.  I've had the paper for a while but I know some of it is from Basic Grey's Mellow line.  I'm in LOVE with Basic Grey paper!

If you don't have access to a vinyl cutter or want to save some mula, the trees could also be painted on.

Next up, tackle the mountain of laundry I had to move to take these pictures.  Folding laundry is my LEAST favorite job.  I wish rainy days gave me a little laundry inspiration too.


  1. I love how they turned out! Mod Podge is the absolute best, isn't it?!? You did a wonderful job!

  2. Beautiful! Love the pillows in the last shot too!

  3. I like this idea. The paper in the background is lovely and the tree is just beautiful. Great job.

  4. This if great. This will be on my list next.

  5. Love the idea of putting cute paper behind the tree, VERY NICE.