Valentines Day Recap

Valentines day this year was a sweet success!
Ok, maybe actually a little too sweet.  I sort of need to detox from all the sugar this week!
 Breakfast may or may not have consisted of Chocolate covered strawberries...just saying.
A couple of week before the big day, I sprung out my love decor.
My valentines day decorations are a little sparse, but I have collected a few little things over the years.

This sat in my office all month long.  The calendar was hand made for me for Christmas.  Seriously the best present ever!  Each month is designed with a hand print picture.  I'll treasure it for always!
This is a terrible picture, but I Love this little paper garland.  Sorry for the dumb pun!
We were excited to find a few valentine card in the mail and added them to our mantel.

 The boys took these homemade valentines to school.  I'm pretty sure hardly any of their classmates got the Bruno Mars reference.  But, it amused me.  I'm easily amused.

 And since I have a house full of boys who aren't really into valentines.  We exchanged lego mini figures this year.  Oh yes, and candy...way too much candy.
I'm going to go eat some chocolate now.



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