January Organization

Every January, I get the bug to do a little organizing around the house.  Just a couple of little projects to breath some fresh air into an otherwise boring house.  After months of fall and Christmas decorations, the house seems a little bleak.

I thought I'd share a few of the solutions I've found recently that have made my life a little nicer.

Introducing...the mason jar.

It's found its way into lots of crafts lately, but I've discovered, that its the perfect desktop organizer.

Especially, when it comes to bakers twine.  There's a lot of twine in my life lately.  I use it daily to package my Piccadilly products for sell.  But, I can't seem to stop there.  Now that its a regular part of my desk top, I seem to be tying up everything with twine.  Watch out little boys.  You might find yourself tied up with bakers twine if I get really desperate!  These half pint sized jars keep it handy, and prevent it from rolling  away when I snip off a few feet.  

Next up...the Cracker Jar.

These amazing jars are easily to find at Target, Walmart, etc.  They come in three sizes (maybe more).  But, my favorite part is...they're cheap.  Yep, cheap, just like me.  I paid under $6 a piece for these large jars.  Since when does anything pretty cost less than ten bucks...seriously...so awesome.   They been featured in my pantry for years.  But now, I've discovered that they make brilliant art supply storage.  

Previously, all crayons, markers and colored pencils in my house where thrown haphazardly into a desk, art supply bin, toy box, etc.  Then when I got sick and tired of finding open markers under the bed, or crayons in the couch, I'd just throw them away.  I threw a lot away!  However, since I found this lovely solution, they all have a pretty home and thus are saved from the trash bin.  Bonus... my boys are doing a lot more coloring around here!

I'm a little embarrassed to show you these pictures because its pretty messy.  But, It's been such a fab solution, that I'll go ahead and do it.  Like many of you, my scrap book paper collection has dwindled in recent years.  I've quit buying pretty paper it in favor of digital options.  My stack of paper has shrunk as I've used it up for lesson handouts and modge podge crafts.  However, I still had these nifty scrapbook paper organizers.  

I've discovered that they make fabulous places to house my boys art projects.  My middle child is especially crafty and his needs a little purging.  I'd love to make him a photo book online to replace the exploding folder.  Someday...someday.  

The over sized pocket works well for those big construction paper projects, and they are pre-equipped with a label.  Maybe when I get those photo book made, they can be stored up here too.

Well, that's it for my organizing...at least for now.  I'm sure my OCD will lead to more organization sooner than later.  I'd love to see all of your great solutions.  Anyone have a suggestion for a Master Bedroom closet that stores everything and anything I don't have another place for?  It's in desperate need of an overhaul...but then where would I put all that stuff!?


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