Teacher appreciation subway tile

Last Friday my son came home with a PTA calendar for the month.  A quick scan revealed that Teacher Appreciation week is only four weeks away.  This year it's being held May 2nd through May 6th.  Every year I tell myself that I'll come up with some adorable and personalized crafts for our beloved teachers.  But, the reality is that I put it off every year until the last minute when I inevitably throw a notepad and candy bar in the back pack instead.  Don't get me wrong, I'm pro notepads and candy bars.  They're both delicious and useful.  But, since I'm a crafter through and through, I feel like I can do a bit better.  
So, this year I'm turning over a new leaf!  Presenting... teacher appreciation subway art!
I made them from 6" wide boards cut into squares.  Then I painted them white, roughed them up with some sandpaper and then added a touch of antiquing glaze. My glaze was found at Lowes in their paint section and I can't praise the product enough!

The vinyl decal was designed by me on my Sign Blazer software, using a few of my favorite fonts.  I stress the word FEW because really there are so many winning fonts out there!

I finished them off with a piece of skinny beading twine. 

I made a few extra and have them in my Etsy shop while they last.
I love linky parties and will participate in a few of these.


  1. The teachers are going to love it... I really like the pop of the turquoise color! Great job!

  2. Love this....headed to your etsy shop! xoox, tracie

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