Let's get organized part I

Every January I get the urge to organize the chaos in my life.  Not sure if that has more to do with detoxing from Christmas clutter or a new year with new beginnings.  Irregardless, its nice to actually get something done that  results in a lasting improvement.  All you multi-tasking moms know what I'm talking about.  We're always busy but, usually it's busy with things that we'll just have to do again tomorrow.  Sometimes, we have to do them again in 20 minutes.  Thus, sinking our teeth into a task that will actually change the way we live, or at least the way our closets look, now that feels awesome.

Speaking of closets, we've been blessed with quite a few good sized ones.  However, sometimes that means just more room for things to get messy in.  Last week, I made a simple adjustment that has already proven to be most helpful.  I added shelves.  

Previously, our closets had one shelf way up high above the top clothes rack/rod, whatever you call that thing .  I just added a second shelf above the lower clothes rod thingy.  

It was super simple.  I bought prefinished MDF shelving boards and cut them to length.  Then I slide them in and added a couple of screws.  Since the racks were already in place, that's all there was too it.  No routing, painting, sanding, etc. required.  And, they were very affordable.  I really don't know why the builder and/or previous home owner didn't do it before.  Because having extra shelves totally rocks!
And now I have a place to store my 5 year old's six sets of Legos he got for Christmas and his birthday.  That's right, 6 sets - mostly star wars.  He's slightly obsessed.  
I used some vinyl labels to keep things organized.  This is only three of the six boxes he now has in there.   I'm liking these labels so much that I think I'm going to add them to my laundry room and pantry (hence the part I title).  Hopefully I'll even add them to my etsy shop soon.
Do you guys have any favorite organizing tips.


  1. Funny...I just posted about the same subject, January Organization. The lower shelf is a great idea when you have kids. They can actually reach it.

    BTW, I've got a grandson completely obsessed with Star Wars. He can re-enact complete scenes.

  2. I think my very best organizing tip is to invite my mom over and set her loose. ;-) Love you ideas.