Ribbon Hung

This post is a little continuation from the last.  I wanted to do a tutorial on the custom made artwork I did for our star wars room because it is such a super duper simple idea but turns out expertly cute.  It's extremely versatile as well and can be done using any shape or in any color scheme.  The concept simply is to frame a sillouetted shape.  And then hang with Ribbon. 
The ones shown were done with vinyl decals but I've done it before with iron-on fabric, wooden initials, and even silk Gerber daises. 

Here's how it works.

  1. Start with a frame, or two or three, or four.  Mine were made using moulding from the hardware store.  I'll have to post a frame making tutorial sometime soon.  But, if you haven't entered the world of frame creation yet, plenty of inexpensive options are available at thrift stores, garage sales, dollar stores, walmart, etc.

  2. Paint your frames if needed.  Spray paint works wonders and comes in a rainbow of colors.  But, a brushed on acrylic is also terrif.

  3. Glue a backing into your frame.  These particular ones used mats found at walmart and navy card stock.  I did brush some modgepodge on my card stock with the intention of keeping the paper from collecting as much dust.  In the past, I've used backers of fabric, scrapbook paper, and painted plywood.

  4. Then add your silhouettes to the middle.

  5. Finally, hang with ribbon (or in this case, ric rac).  There's something about hanging a picture with ribbon that increases it's cute factor exponentially.  Usually, I just staple the ribbon to the back of the picture using a staple gun.  But, sometimes I actually drill holes into the frame and thread the ribbon through as in this item.
Now, there's always the question of how to hide the nail your ribbon is hanging from.  I've come up with a few solutions to that problem.  I'm sure there are many more out there.
Hang using a small furniture nail in the top of a molding.  That's the course I took this time around.  The nail is still visible but it usually doesn't look tacky when done this way. 
My mother in law has a lovely mirror in her front room that she rotates wreaths seasonally on.  She has a small nail centered in the tip top of the mirror's molding and then hangs her wreaths with ribbon from it.  It looks amazing!

No molding available?  Try decorative wrought iron or a curtain rod to hang from.

Buy a hook or knob meant just for this purpose.  (cute, but I've found them difficult to find)

Or, create your own decorative knob to hang from.  This is super simple.  Just find a knob (hardware store, Hobby Lobby), and then find a screw or nail that can be inserted into the back of the knob, and glue it pointy side out. 
I've used hot glue in a hurry but recommend industrial strength glue for a tight hold.  It works, I promise, and no one will know you made it yourself (unless you brag about it on your blog of course).
The knob holding the wall art in this picture... that was hot-glued.  Awesome, huh!?

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