Mini Tin Tiled Magnet Board

Yesterday afternoon I was hidden away in my garage working in a creative frenzy.  I had several projects under way including one that involves some rusty tin tiles for my bathroom.  I'm sure I'll post about that at a latter date. However, right now the spotlight is on this little craft I made using leftovers.  It measures about 7.5" inches square so, it's not a big impact piece.  But, it is a lovely little accent  and is utilitarian beside.  Those two white dots you see are actually magnets.  Thus, it's a mini magnet board.  Let me show you how awesome little magnet boards can be...

You could use it as a picture frame.
Yup, that's my hubby and I in our early years.

It could work over time in your kitchen to hold your current recipe card.
yummy recipe by the way.

It could be used in the bathroom to hold little love notes.

It could be used in the office to hold a to do list, or a grocery list, etc...

Well, you get the picture.  Not only is it lovely but it earns its keep as well.

I had enough materials to make a couple and have posted them in my etsy shop.

Now I have to go grate a pound of cheese by hand for my fondue party tonight.  The good stuff never comes pre-grated.  So sad, but worth the elbow grease.  mmmmmm

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