Boy's Star Wars Room

Just like my last post said, we've been transforming our boy's bedroom into a Star Wars meca.  Here's a few more pictures of our progress. 

You'll notice a heavy usage of vinyl decals.  I geuss I just can't help myself.

The walls were painted two shades of blue from Valspar's Signature collection (Lowes).  The darker shade is called Fly-by-night blue and the lighter is School Boy Blue.  I seperated the two with a simple molding and then applied white vinyl stars and ships.
I'll be posting a set of star decals for purchase on my Etsy shop soon in case anyone else needs a starry night bedroom.
Here's a detail of some of the ships.  Liam has been sitting in that top bunk having make-believe battles with his ships all week long.

One final picture.  Those hanging frames with R2D2- and Yoda sillouettes are my favorite.  And yes, I used vinyl decals. 
I'd still like to find/make some matching quilts for the beds and maybe do some modular storage.  There's an empty wall I didn't show you that is hinting to me that it needs a little something.  I geuss a home is never 100% completed. 


    We are in the process of redoing my son's room to a Star Wars theme. When I googled Star Wars Room, your images came up. We have almost the same paint job in his room right now, so this would be sooo easy to do for us!!

    I am very interested in some of your decals (X wing fighters & Tie Fighters) especially. I did not see these available on your etsy store. Is this something you can do as a special order?

    Either way, Liam's room is AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing to give us some great ideas.

    Sara Sellars (San Diego, CA)

  2. I just searched for star bedrooms and came across yours on pinterest. This is awesome! I absolutley love the paint job with the vinyl stars! Do they make glow in the dark vinyl, because how cool would that be if the ones on the wall glowed? Anyway, I think I just found the inspiration I needed to give my little boy's room a theme. I too am a mother of three little boys! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!

  3. I love this room! We will be doing a Star Wars room for our son this summer. Where did you get the large millenium falcon?

  4. Looks awesome, I'd also like to know where you got the Millenium Falcon hanging from the ceiling.

  5. love the room. I can't wait to get started on it. I am currently making a r2d2 quilt for my son, so this decor will be perfect. I also would love to know where you got the millenium falcon hanging from the ceiling......

  6. I love the silhouettes! Cute idea!

  7. Love Love Love where did you get the large millenium falcon?

    1. The large millenium falcon is actually a kite that SAMS club sold a few years back. Maybe you could still find something similar online. Good luck!

  8. Hi Emily, we are in the process of transforming my son's room also. I did buy the fly-by-night blue paint. Also, i just did purchase the wall decals. Two questions - how far down the wall did you come with that paint and is the furniture painted the same color?

  9. Looks so great! Just curious -- how high are your ceilings in that room? We have 8 foot ceilings and we're trying to figure out how something similar would look in our room.

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  11. Planning on doing this with my son's bedroom. Does anyone know where similar vinyls of the various ships can be found/purchased?