Christmas in July

Before you start thinking I'm absolutely nuts to be making Christmas ornaments in July, let me explain myself.  I LOVE Christmas time of the year.  AND every year my head is swimming with Christmas crafts to make.  BUT I never do hardly any of them because the closer I get to Christmas, the more complicated my life gets.  That's the season when my business picks up, and between juggling orders, school parties, cookie baking, can see where I'm going with this. 

So, with independence day behind us and almost four months till Halloween, I'm dedicating my creative juices to all things Christmas.  Each week of July I hope to share more Christmas craftiness, wanna join me?

To start things off, I personalised some run-of-the-mill ornaments.

I went from this - snagged at Target's after Christmas clearance this year...

To this...

In case you don't have a vinyl cutter but want to create some ornaments of your own, I'm adding these decals to my collection  at my Etsy shop.

The color choices are practically endless.  And I currently have a choice of two fonts.  I call this one Western Polka.

And here's a little Whimsy Polka.

And finally I tried to create something that can be used to document baby's first Christmas, or be used as a favor for a wedding or other special event.

Soooo...I recommend turning the AC way down, getting out your favorite Christmas candle and get busy with your favorite time of the year!
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  1. I saw these over at Whatever Wednesday on Someday Crafts. I'm having a "Christmas Open House" link party on July 16. I'd love for you to come and link these up!!

  2. Very cute!! I added some super small mini rhinestones to mine to bling them up even more...Love your cute polka dots!

  3. Those look great! Yeah, I'm already working on Halloween stuff. Love it!

  4. These are cute! And I agree you've got to get an early start on holidays, they come and go way to quickly.

  5. You are so smart to start on them now!! You have inspired me - I love this idea and I have a ton of extra bulbs that I bought last year!!!

  6. Those are so cute! I may have to do them for neighbor gifts this year! And what a great idea to start now - these will have to wait until I can get some bulbs but now my head is swimming with other fun ideas!!


  7. Very pretty and I love how you added a date to one. I think a lot of crafters start Christmas crafts in July, it's the only way to get everything done especially if there's a lot of sewing to be done.

  8. Cute, and what a great idea to start Christmas crafting now! Are your polka dots vinyl as well? Happy Crafting!

  9. These are too cute. I am redoing my Christmas decor this year to lime and red so these are perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. So glad you linked up. One of my trees ( yes, you read that right) is lime and red. Your ornaments are so much fun and turned out great.

  11. I love this idea! Somewhere in a bin I have a bunch of clearance if I could only find them!

  12. I love this idea with vinyl! Super cute. I'm thinkging great for Christmas presents.